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About International Contractors Online

International Contractors Online (ICO) is a professional organization that offers a cyber home to all civilian contractors working in the security and other industries across the globe and addresses the unique needs of these people. ICO’s membership represents a group of like-minded professional individuals working in close protection, security, PSD, IT and technical support, logistical support, life support, emergency medical support and any other support services.

At the other end of the spectrum are recruiters and recruitment companies make use of our valuable membership base and resources to find the right person for the job.

We are registered as ICA-Online Incorporated and is a Registered BVI (British Virgin Island) Company. Registration number: BVI 1445142.


Our Goals

  • To provide our members with accurate information.
  • Regular job alerts of available vacancies in the industry – we do the research and source the information.
  • Online articles on important news.
  • Regular newsletters to members with news on industry and companies, job opportunities, vacancies, contracts and trends.
  • To negotiate and offer additional benefits and programs which will enhance the quality of life of our members in general (for example group insurance benefits, travel benefits, investment options, etc.).
  • To address the need for professional integrity and accountability through resume certification and a code of conduct.

Why ICO?

Contrary to popular belief, the world of civilian security contractors is not a bed of dollar bills; for every job has its price as it has its benefits.

Even though private contractors provide vital support services to the military across a broad spectrum of specialist fields, they do not share the same level of legal protection from civil court action as does the military, nor do they have sufficient protection and support from the their employers or the public.

Unlike deployed soldiers they do not have a collective support system to lift morale, or who initiates programs or services to enhance the quality of life of these people in general. This website wish to address this by its various service offerings.

Furthermore, the website offers various interactive options for members to network with each other and keep tabs on colleagues and friends.

Taking into account that private security firms are the second largest international contributor of forces to the war efforts in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan after the US troops, ICO provides a much needed and long awaited communal support system to civilian contractors in the industry.